On September 6, 2023, AGC New Mexico hosted a joint Mental Health Summit focused on Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry. We covered a lot of material and shared resources and a positive views of the impact this movement had on the construction industry; (presentation slides will be coming soon..) the construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide at 53.2 per 100,000 U.S. workers. That rate is four times greater than the national average and five times greater than that of all other construction fatalities combined.

Coins, Stickers, Banners, etc. - AGC of Missouri has developed a wealth of tangible items below (HOPE Coins, Hard Hat Stickers, Banners, and "Let's Talk" conversation card sets) for download or purchase directly from the supplier. Their innovative outreach program titled Hang On Pain Ends (HOPE) offers a position of care and concern while also offering assistance to those who may be in crisis.  While they have been gracious enough to design and make available this program, please respect the branding and acknowledgment of their contributors. If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Anderson.

Suicide is a serious problem in the construction industry. Construction has the 2nd highest rate of suicides among all occupations. It is a high-stress job that has high rates of alcohol and drug use, as well as a “tough guy” culture.
AGC of Missouri is committed to offering our members the necessary tools and resources to help save lives. Mental health needs to be a part of the safety conversation.

AGCMO is working collaboratively with other supporting parties throughout OSHA Region 7 to provide mental health resources, as well as, Construction Suicide Prevention Campaign materials and Stand-down event registration for your worksite. 



Jobsite Posters

         5.5" x 8.5"

           11" x 17"


            24" x 36"




Hardhat stickers and pocket coins are available. Please contact Brandon Anderson (636.887.5207).

Call: 800-273-8255
Text: 741741



  • Mental-Health Best-Practice Guide - Written as a Master’s Degree thesis by AGC of Washington safety director, Mandi Kime (CHST, B.S. & B.A., Central Washington University), this Mental-Health Best-Practice Guide is backed by member input to a construction-focused survey. Detailing eight practices that construction employers should consider, this is the first time, to our knowledge, that new data has been developed for mental health in construction that is completely accessible publicly.

  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Program - AGC of Washington has written a FREE SAMPLE Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Program that can be incorporated into your existing written safety and health programs and policies. 

  • Mental Health for the Construction Industry - Online training co-developed by AGC of Missouri and Washington University in St. Louis. Not only is physical safety important, but the safety of our mental and emotional health is also important. Click here for more information on taking better care of your mental health.

  • How to Build Wellness Programs with Impact - The construction industry is raising awareness and encouraging open discussion about mental health and substance abuse to reduce suicide in the workforce. We can all agree this is a scary subject and we need to address the public health crisis in our country.  But how do we heal our workforce?  Please use the resources on this page to help you spot warning signs, start the conversation, and provide support to those who need it – which can save lives. It takes construction professionals at all levels working together and with their risk partners to build a culture of caring and prevention. 

  • Toolbox Talks