"Value of Life" Award



There’s no way to place a measurement on the value of human life.

Safety laws, regulations, and programs all establish ways to make a construction jobsite safe. The goal of these programs is the preservation of the lives and limbs of those who work on the site.

Even the strongest rules and regulations and the best-written company safety program cannot be totally effective unless individuals on site have the spirit and inclination to come to the rescue of fellow workers in life-threatening situations.

Fortunately, there are individuals who have that inclination. The contributions of these heroes and heroines are certainly appreciated by those whom they rescue but are often unseen and unknown to the industry and public at large. In order the recognize and honor those individuals, the AGC Environment , Health, and Safety Committee established the “Value of Life” award in 2004.

The first award was presented on November 30, 2004, to Robert O. Martinez, Safety Director for Big J Enterprises LLC, who came to the rescue of a fellow employee who was having a heart attack.

“I owe my life to Robert. If he had not been there to help me, I probably would not be writing this nomination,” the employee said.

Why the “Value of Life” award was formed.  

Purpose: To recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to safety and have gone the extra mile through their work, personal life, and persistent attitude in performing everyday activities which demonstrate their active concern for safety and the value of human life. Individuals can also be nominated for single acts of heroism which save a life or prevent serious injury.        

How to Nominate

Send a letter of nomination to Kelly Roepke-Orth at kroepke@agc-nm.org or to the AGC Safety, Health, and Environment Committee, 1615 University Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, N.M., 87102, or FAX: 842-1980. Letters are accepted throughout the year. They should name the individual and describe the reasons why he or she is deserving of such an award.


1. Nominees can include employers, co-workers, supervisors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to save a life or attempted to save a life; extraordinary contributions to construction safety; or continuing outstanding safety performance (presented once annually).

2. Nominated individual(s) for the “AGC Value of  Life” Award must work for an AGC member in order to be considered (please see No. 3 below for  “Value of Life in the Community” recognition).

3. In addition, family members of such workers and one member-at-large per year of the community, which individual is connected with the construction industry, may be considered for  “Value of Life in the Community” recognition from the New Mexico Building Branch, AGC, for an act he or she performs which saves a life or prevents serious injury.

4. A sub-committee of AGC Environment, Health and Safety Committee will determine if individual actions or continuing performance are worthy of an award. Recommendations for award recipients will be made to the AGC Executive Committee, which has final authority.

5. Four “AGC Value of Life” awards and two “Value of Life in the Community” awards may be presented per year by the AGC Safety, Health, and Environment Committee.