Construction Jobsite Safety Specialist


The AGC Construction Jobsite Safety Specialist (CJSS) offers an opportunity for member employees to self-document their safety training, validate their commitment to safety, and increase their value as a competent safety resource for their company.

What It Is

The CJSS designation was developed in 1995 by the AGC New Mexico, to recognize those construction workers who work for AGC members and have:

  • Completed required safety classes of the construction industry
  • Taken specialized classes
  • Take an active part in their company safety programs
  • Are favorably recognized by their employers.

The designation was developed to help employers identify those who have the training and commitment to be the individual jobsite contacts for safety for their companies.

How to Get It

Required Classes: The following classes must be completed within a two-year period:

  • OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour class;
  • Hazard Communication (first time or refresher if a first time class has been completed);
  • Four competent person or qualified person classes (such as scaffolding, trenching and excavating, confined space entry, etc.);
  • Two specialized classes (such as electrical, ladders, Commercial Drivers’ License, lead exposure, preventing back injuries).

Copies of completion cards are required with application.

I have been involved in the AGC Safety Specialist program for the last 10 years, and I am proud to be part of it. This program has taught me the value of safety at the jobsite. The program has offered many safety classes with different safety consultants which has increased my knowledge of safety tremendously. I highly recommend this program to anyone, and would be honored to help anyone interested in becoming a safety specialist.”
---George Garduno, superintendent, J.B. Henderson Construction co., Inc., and lifetime AGC Construction Jobsite Safety Specialist.


Involvement in Company Safety Programs: The prospective AGC jobsite safety specialist must show evidence of his or her involvement in their company’s safety programs. Examples can be delivering tool-box talks, facilitating company safety programs, and/or serving as a safety mentor for new employees.

A letter from the applicant’s employer must accompany the application supporting the employee's commitment to safety and participation in company safety programs.

Renewal: Once a worker qualifies for the AGC Construction Jobsite Safety Specialist designation, he or she must renew it every three years. After having renewed three consecutive times (nine-year total), he or she is eligible for a lifetime CJSS designation.

Renewal requirements include being current in First Aid/CPR and HazCom training, evidence of having taken a 10-hour OSHA and three competent person/qualified person classes within the past three years, and a letter of support from the employer.

Download a nomination form here.


It’s so important for supervisors to have the AGC jobsite safety specialist distinction. The training helps us recognize hazards during our walk-throughs of jobs and do something about them. Every supervisor should have this designation.

“I saw the advantages of this designation in 1995, when it started, and knew that it would be good for the future. Now, with the increases in workers’ comp costs and the safety demands of owners, the future is here.”

---Albert LeFebre, superintendent, Summit Construction, Inc., and lifetime AGC Construction Jobsite Safety Specialist