Construction Industry Crime Alliance


This private-public partnership between the construction industry and law enforcement began in 2009 and provides for rapid response to property thefts from jobsites, lay-down yards, warehouses and company vehicles.

Construction Industry Crime Alliance (CICA) program registered members file a simple one-page incident report online, and an email blast is sent to all program members including Albuquerque Police Department detectives, traffic and street officers.  This partnership has significantly reduced construction industry property crime thefts in the greater Albuquerque area.

We issue individual member company Identification Numbers to CICA partners they can engrave on equipment to help in identifying and returning their stolen or pawned items.  CICA members have an opportunity to meet monthly with Albuquerque Police Department Officers and Detectives to share case histories, learn of recovered property and receive pertinent tips and guidelines from law enforcement.

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