Want FMI's 2017 Construction Talent Development Report?

Take the Survey & Understand Your Construction Employment Market

Construction industry executives, HR professionals, and training directors are asked to join their peers in completing a brief survey to gauge recent changes and practices for recruiting, retaining and training construction industry personnel. Those who complete the survey will receive FMI’s 2017 Talent Development Report. So, click here by Tuesday, July 11 to take the survey (see the last report from 2015: FMI’s 2015 Talent Development Report).

The results of the survey will first be revealed in October at AGC’s 2017 Construction HR & Training Professionals Conference in Phoenix, AZ, and all attendees will receive a free copy of the final report before it is made available to others.  The report will be shared with all survey participants as well as the broader industry later this year.  FMI assures that all individual responses will be held in strict confidence and results will be presented in the aggregate only. 

For information about FMI’s 2017 Talent Development Survey, please contact Sabine Hoover at  For information about the 2017 Construction HR & Training Professionals Conference, please contact Carly Trout at or Claiborne Guy at

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