Voter Alert - Register by Tuesday May 8

Now is the time to act!   This year, 2012, is a critical year in determining whether advocates of free enterprise and smaller, more efficient government might  finally achieve majorities in the New Mexico Legislature – and elect other proponents for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate (among others).

New Mexico Prosperity Project is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates.  For example, in the June 5 primary, there are contests within both Republican and Democratic primaries that could tilt either toward, or away from, free enterprise principles depending on who wins. 

First step is registering – if you, your colleagues or employees are not registered,  next Tuesday, May 8  is the deadline!  Mobilize the private sector army – transform it from a “potential army” to a real one.

Not sure if you are registered?   Click here.

You can also get an “absent voter” application at that same link if you are registered.

If you need to register, you can do that at any county clerk’s office.  Find yours here.

What do you think?