Vicki Mora Steps into AGC's Top National Leadership Post

Vicki Mora, CEO of AGC New Mexico, was recently featured in the New Mexico Business Weekly for her leadership role in the commercial construction industry.  

The article by Steve Ginsberg reviews both Mora's personal trajectory as a professional, as well as the many ways she has positively influenced AGC both in New Mexico and nationally.  Excerpts from the story:

The commercial construction industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, and among the champions of that change is a New Mexico woman - Vicki Mora.

Mora, the chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of New Mexico, is pushing to change the image of construction.  At 57, she has emerged as a national leader in commercial construction, and was elected to serve as the national chair of the Associated General Contractors of America Executive Leadership Council earlier this spring.  No other woman has held the title, and she was the second woman in the nation to be named an AGC state CEO in 1996.  She started with AGC in Albuquerque as a secretary in 1976.

Despite advances in construction technology, the image of the construction worker as uneducated and not sophisticated enough to problem-solve in today's world, is a perception she hopes to change.

"When administrators in public school systems were asked where construction fit as a career choice, it was a rude awakening.  We were considered a career choice by default," Mora said.  "The assumption was, if a young person shows up on time and is fit, the construction industry would put [him] to work.  The industry has grown much more complex in the last five years, and we need better educated young people at all levels."

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