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A Foundation for Joint Ventures: The ConsensusDocs Teaming Agreement
August 20, 2013, 2:00-3:30 pm ET

Before submitting your bid, it is imperative to have the proper team in place, and that you have determined key issues before formalizing the teaming arrangement.  Two leading industry attorneys will use the ConsensusDocs Teaming Agreement to guide you through the critical terms and conditions that should be included in every teaming agreement, as well as issues that should be considered on a team-by-team and project-by-project basis.

“With the industry’s increase in joint ventures and design-build construction, there is an increased need for a standard preliminary teaming agreement.  ConsensusDocs provides an excellent contractual foundation for all parties desiring to form a teaming arrangement prior to forming a joint venture,” said Kory D. George, partner at Woods & Aitken LLP and chair of the ConsensusDocs teaming working group.

Critical issues for discussion include:

Team Members and Team Leadership


Document Ownership

Withdrawal from the Team

Post-award Considerations


Kory D. George, Esq., Partner, Woods & Aitken LLP

Kerry L. Kester, Esq., Partner, Woods & Aitken LLP

Moderator: Carrie L. Ciliberto, Esq., ConsensusDocs Deputy Executive Director and Counsel


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