PWAT Contributions have been revised as of January 1, 2015

Annual update: The New Mexico Public Works Apprenticeship and Training (PWAT) Contributions have been revised as of January 1,  2015. 
  • Per the PWAT rule revision which took effect July 1, 2014, the revised rate is now a flat rate for all crafts. 
  • The new flat rate contribution is $0.56 per man hour on any New Mexico Type “B” Public Works project. This information is available on the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions website under Labor Relations / Public Works.
  • The new apprenticeship contribution rate for “2015,” meaning any wage decisions that end in “2015” decision number, will pay the rate listed on the poster. Any other wage decision numbers for previous years will pay the rates on that poster, as long as the project continues. 
Please contact Vicki Mora directly with any concerns and/or comments regarding this change.

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