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It's every member firm's dilemma: How do you control rising health care costs without cutting benefits? How can you reduce the burden on your HR team in complying with the Affordable Care Act? How can you better compete for talent?

AGC Alternative Now Offers Quotes from Cigna

The AGC Alternative is pleased to announce that Cigna has begun quoting AGC member firms with 20 or more enrolled employees in all states.  The AGC Alternative is available exclusively to AGC member firms as a new, dynamic, and cost-effective way to offer quality benefits to employees.  The addition of Cigna allows the AGC Alternative to help more AGC members save money and control health care costs. 

To learn more or to get a quote, visit us at and click on the “GET A QUOTE” button or call us at 1-800-210-5290.

The AGC Private Insurance Exchange is an out-of-the-box program that every member can use to control its health insurance and benefit expenses, reduce its administrative burden, comply with new federal regulations and give employees more flexibility and choice.
The AGC Exchange moves companies from traditional health plans, in which the employer pays a percentage of the costs, to defined contribution arrangements, in which the employer pays a flat dollar amount that employees can use to purchase health insurance and other benefits directly from selected AGC carriers.
The AGC Exchange takes the defined contribution concept one step further by offering dynamic decision-support technology so employees can shop online for their benefits and get a personalized recommendation based on their input.
The easy-to-use online shopping experience gives employees the ability to learn more about all of the available plan options, analyze the cost scenarios of different plans and to build their own comprehensive benefits portfolio.


AGC and its representatives are not licensed insurance producers and are not attempting to sell, 
solicit or negotiate any insurance product or plan. The contents of this communication are for 
general informational purposes only. 
Willis of Maryland, Inc., a licensed insurance producer, is the broker of record for all 
insurance products offered on AGC’s private insurance exchange, known as The AGC 
Alternative. To get information about coverage terms or benefits of insurance products 
or to obtain a quote, please contact Willis at 1-800-210-5290 or go to

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