AGC to distribute workforce survey starting this week

The survey will close by the middle of August.

We continue to hear from many of you that the labor market remains tight. While it's clear that worker shortages are, in some cases, a significant problem for many contractors, we feel it is important to continue our efforts to better quantify where these shortages are taking place, how severe they are, and what steps firms are taking to both cope with tight labor markets and improve the supply of new, qualified workers. That's why we are asking members to take a few minutes to complete this workforce survey. The more people understand the scope, and consequences, of a tight construction labor market, the more likely they are to act on the measures we identify in our Workforce Development Plan that are designed to make it easier for school systems, local associations and private firms to establish career and technical education and training programs. We invite you to share this survey with your colleagues so that we can hear from as many voices as possible. Thank you for your help in getting the word out. AGC of America

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