100 Days of Summer Campaign

Traditionally each year, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, companies place extra emphasis on safety and health by empowering workers and addressing “near misses” from the prevention perspective.  Think about adding the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction June 2-6 initiative.  
Is there a hero in your work crew?  We want to recognize those who go above and beyond to help and/or save another person.  Since AGC NM began the “Value of Life” award, there have been 4 special heroes recognized for their extraordinary unselfish acts.  We’d love to recognize your hero. Awardees will be recognized at AGC’s annual Safety Awards Luncheon August 20, 2014.  
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  • During inspections at work sites, we commonly see someone working in an aerial lift wearing a full-body harness with a 6-foot fall arrest lanyard attached to a tie-off point in the basket or work platform.  When asked why they are wearing their harness, the frequent answer is “OSHA requires it so in case I fall out of the lift, my fall will be arrested”.  To be sure, OSHA standards 1910.67 and 1926.453 state “a body belt shall be worn and a lanyard attached to the boom or basket when working from an aerial lift”.  Perhaps we can use this example as a teaching point during this National Safety Stand-Down. Tying off in the basket to prevent one from falling or being ejected from the basket rather than relying on a lanyard to “catch” one if they fall is worth discussing during JSA completion.   Let’s get our workers thinking “restraint” more often than “arrest”.  Perhaps they’ll think twice before stepping up onto a basket rail.   

Has your company conducted Stand-Down Fall Prevention training? We are want your story, send us 1) date of your Stand-Down, 2) fall prevention topic(s) covered, 3) # people “trained” & a photo at each event. We will report this information to NM OSHA, AGC of America and Federal OSHA. In addition, we we’ll feature it in an upcoming feature on our website.

  • Print your own Certificates of Participation in the National Safety Stand-Down.  The Certificates page will be live June 2 on the OSHA website.  Plan to recognize your workers for their continued dedication to safety excellence.  


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