AGC New Mexico takes 3rd Place in the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA), Chapter Safety Program.

Our Members outstanding safety record speaks for itself: Nearly 4.7 million work hours in 2016 by 25 participating member firms and 14 total lost workdays. 
If you want to add outstanding safety accolades to your company profile, consider joining the AGC New Mexico’s Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program, the oldest and largest

OSHA Issues Proposal to Extend July 1 Deadline for Submitting Electronic Injury and Illness Records

Announces Intent to Review Controversial Recordkeeping Rule Covering Drug Testing

Preventing Fatalities in the Construction Industry

How do you meet OSHA’s competent person requirements?


AGC Safety Awards (NASA) forms due January 31, 2017

Recognizing AGC Contractor Members for Safet

Hard Hat Recycling Challenge

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AGC Urges OSHA to Reconsider Its Unjustified Policy against Post‐Accident Drug Testing

TAKE ACTION: Congressional Opposition to OSHA Overreach Needed

AGC CEO Challenges Controversial Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy During Meeting with Head of OSHA

OSHA's Intends to Prohibit Mandatory Post-Incident Alcohol and Drug Testing