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AGC has organized a unique opportunity for its members to get the first year free on a multi-year registration.
What is .build? .BUILD is the construction industry's new Internet namespace. Unlike .com, a .BUILD domain name lets you:
  • Get the first mover advantage and secure the domain name you actually want, instead of the one you may have settled for. 
  • Instantly communicate your line of business to the online world, enabling customers to recognize who you are and what you do. www.AGC.BUILD says you are part of the building industry.
  • Forward your existing email for free or buy an email service for your company that is short and descriptive: Rich@Turner.BUILD
  • Improve your search results by using a domain name associated with your industry. Search engines will recognize www.MGroup.BUILD as being associated with the building trade, a benefit not available with older addresses like .com, .net or .org.
Don't let your .BUILD domain get away. Register your name and enter the special discount code to get your first year free on a multi-year registration.
Note: The opportunity to get the .BUILD domain name of your choosing may be limited.

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