Webinar - The Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care Act:

The Impact of Health Care Reform on Your Construction Business

February 5th, 7th, & 12th
2:00PM - 3:30PM ET each day

Location: AGC Conference Room: 1615 University Blvd NE

Contact Kelly Roepke-Orth to reserve your seat, space is limited.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will impact the bottom line of EVERY construction company. This webinar will provide you with the information necessary to make critical business decisions that will affect your company for years to come.

On day one of the webinar, you’ll learn all of the key implementation dates of the ACA, the overall impact of the law on health plans (including multi-employer plans), and the impact of the individual mandate on business – an often disregarded issue for employers.

Day two will cover “Play or Pay” – the employer mandate provision that raises the most questions for employers. Small businesses and those with seasonal employees will especially benefit from learning the process for determining if your company must comply with the mandate. Vital tax and payroll issues will also be discussed.

For those of you who decide to “play”, on day three, get an inside look at the future of the insurance marketplace. Learn how insurance providers are adapting their plans and cost structures as a result of the new requirements as well as techniques to use when shopping around for health insurance plans for your company. Now is the time to take action by creating a strategy to address these critical issues.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • Payroll implications and tax penalties
  • Important questions to consider when deciding to “Pay or Play”
  • Questions employers should consider BEFORE reducing the hours of employees
  • What companies are likely to find when shopping for health insurance How to prepare for both the near future and the long haul


Johanna M. Novak 

Shareholder, Foster Swift Collins and Smith PC

Mark Levengood 
Counsel, Susanin Widman & Brennan PC

John H. Widman
Counsel, Susanin Widman & Brennan PC

Lauren B. Dunn
Associate, Foster Swift Collins and Smith PC


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