Webcast: Ups and Downs for Construction Spending, Materials and Labor

Complimentary Webcast - Riding the Roller Coaster: 

May 9, 2013 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET

The economy and construction have been on quite a ride for the past few years. While we are still looking at some potential ups, downs and tight turns ahead, the track over the last several quarters has been relatively flat. Will we continue at a crawl or will the next turn take us into a much faster-paced recovery?

Join us on May 9, when chief economists, Bernard Markstein (Chief Economist, Reed Construction Data), Ken Simonson (Chief Economist, AGC of America) and Kermit Baker (Chief Economist, AIA) share their insight into 2013 construction activity:

  • What issues are directly affecting the construction outlook?
  • Which markets are showing the most growth?
  • Will housing numbers continue to climb?
  • What’s ahead for the home improvement industry?
  • Which building material prices will spike? Which will fall?
  • Which areas of commercial construction will perform best?
  • What are architects seeing for commercial construction?
  • Have unemployment numbers really fallen?
  • Will labor shortages derail the industry’s rebound?
  • Which areas are experiencing the most change?
  • What are the top risks to the 2013 economy?

Speakers will accept questions from the online audience in the last half hour. An archived version will be available after the broadcast.

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Registrants are eligible to receive 1.5 AIA CEU credits.

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