Urge Legislators To Address Job Creating Bills at Special Session

To AGC Members and Partners,

Governor Martinez  has  asked  the state's business organizations to sign this petition and share with others so that we can let legislators know how important it is to address job creating bills at the Special Session.

Just click on this link to participate.  You can review the information contined in the petition below.  Please SHARE THIS LINK WITH YOUR CONTACT LIST AS WELL - the more participants, the stronger the message. (

We need to get serious about creating jobs in New Mexico. Families are struggling and can’t afford for politicians to wait until next year to act.

Please sign this petition to urge our state legislators to address and pass vital legislation during this special session set to begin on September 6th.

In the 2010 Special Session, legislators considered over 30 pieces of legislation and passed an entire state budget — in just three days! This special session is expected to last at least two weeks — plenty of time to pass critical job creation bills.

Please sign this petition to urge legislators to pass the following Jobs Agenda to put more New Mexicans back to work.

Capital Outlay - Severance tax bonds allow the State to complete capital projects and improve infrastructure statewide.  Authorizing these projects now will keep more New Mexicans working.  If the capital bill passes in September, projects would receive funding around December.  If these projects are not considered until the 2012 session, monies would not become available until May, causing a six-month lag in work.

5% New Mexico business advantage when bidding on contracts with state and local governments - The current statute needs to tighten up residency requirements to ensure that only New Mexico businesses are receiving this advantage.  In the past, other entities—which are not true New Mexico businesses—have qualified and received this credit.

High-Wage Tax Credit - By clarifying that the State’s high-wage job tax credit is to be calculated on the wages and benefits earned by the employee, businesses will continue to receive a predictable credit for hiring New Mexicans in “high-wage” jobs.

Unemployment Trust Fund - This bill addresses the solvency of the Unemployment Trust Fund without adding over $120 million in taxes on small businesses.  It keeps the current employer contribution rate stable for at least one more year, so the Governor, lawmakers and industry experts can determine the best approach to achieving a predictable and fair contribution schedule in the future.

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