Reminder: Don't Miss AGC PAC-Sponsored Event Tomorrow

Thank you again for helping make tomorrow's AGC PAC-sponsored event for the Heather Wilson campaign successful.

Please continue to contact your family, friends, and colleagues to share the attached flyer to ensure a good showing.

The event begins at 5:00pm tomorrow, Thursday, May 24, at the Albuquerque Country Club.

The campaign has asked that we begin sharing RSVPs, so please email us with names of who you will be bringing along. The flyer also includes contact information for RSVPs.

You will recall that your contributions must be personal and not corporate donations. And while direct Federal contractors may not contribute or make second-party contributions through another individual, our whole association network can help publicize the event to recruit more attendees and supporters.


5_24_12_heather_wilson_fundraiser.pdf343.54 KB

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