Press Release: The Signing of The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and AGC’s Strategic Partnerships


July 23, 2014

Contact: CEO Vicki Mora, 842-1462, or

The signing of The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and AGC’s strategic partnerships

Today is an extraordinary day of affirmation that AGC member companies are doing the “right work”. 

Today the The New York Times released the signing of The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

The business landscape is changing and the shift is on from a recession mindset to a growth mindset.

AGC NM’s Education Foundation and HR Council are working with TalentABQ on a strategic industry-focused initiative utilizing key partnerships with ACE Leadership High School, AGC UNM Endowment and UNM Gallup Campus. Through this aligned effort, Innovate+Educate is creating sustainable and scalable ecosystems that prove skills-based hiring, training and credentials open new pathways for future workers and companies.

AGC NM will soon launch the opening of the New Mexico Career & Economic Center where AGC & TalentABQ will launch the first industry specific assessment site in the state.

TalentABQ uses “Skills Based Hiring” which is the act of incorporating a tangible & objective measure of skills & skill level into the hiring process.  By using ‘Skills Based Hiring’ employers can open their talent pool by discovering highly skilled candidates, able to do the job, who may have been overlooked through traditional hiring methods.  This system is a fundamental shift for the job seeker as well because it makes the hiring process transparent. When employers post jobs with workplace skills that can be objectively measured through assessments, job seekers can immediately determine if they are qualified for the job.  In cases where the job seeker does not meet the necessary skill requirements, TalentABQ offers ‘skill development’ resources where job seekers have access to resources and support to improve their job skills.

The Benefits of Skills-Based Hiring for Employers

Hiring traditionally relies on degrees, resumes and experience as the best predictor of a candidate's potential to succeed on the job, however, many employers we talk with are experiencing high turnover, low productivity and in many cases, not finding candidates with the right skills. Skills Based Hiring is actually five times more predictive of success on the job than hiring by degree alone.  Employers who have incorporated Skills Based Hiring into their practices have experienced:

  • 25%-75% reduction in turnover
  • 50%-70% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 70% reduction in cost-to-hire
  • 50% reduction in time-to-train

For more information, call AGC-NM’s CEO, Vicki Mora, at 842-1462 or email her at

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