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AGC logos and decals promote the best contractors in the industry. Members are encouraged to use the AGC logo on their company letterhead, Internet sites, job-site signs and business cards.


Experience demonstrates that the AGC emblem signifies the responsible contractor and professionalism.


Every document published by the AGC reflects credit upon the industry and its members clearly displays the emblem and establishes AGC members as forward-thinking men and women committed to working together on issues that affect your business.


AGC demonstrates to the public and those who influence the award of construction contracts that the AGC emblem identifies contractors of reliability and dependability and is an assurance of skillful performance.


AGC emblem identifies those contractors and associates who are working toward the improvement of conditions in their industry and toward a better construction service, which benefits the public.

  • ARE YOU COMMITTED TO SAFETY EXCELLENCE? The CHASE program was the first such partnership between AGC NM and State OSHA. CHASE allows certain incentives to be granted to participating contractors. Showcase your AGC CHASE level proudly and your commitment to outstanding safety performance. Contact: Margo Maher, Workforce Development & Safety Direct at 
  • DO YOU MODEL THE AGC WAY –SKILL. INTEGRITY. RESPONSIBILITY.?   In the month of July send an example to the AGC office of how you or someone you know has exemplified of the qualities of Skill, Integrity and Responsibility you’ll receive an AGC Lapel Pin! Contact: Kelly Roepke-Orth, Chief Operations Officer at 505-842-1462 or We welcome chances to brag about our members.
  • DO YOU ENCOURAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO TAKE ACTION? Any member firm can link our local grassroots website portal to their company website.
  • INTERESTED IN INCREASING THE VALUE OF YOUR ADVERTISING?  Use of the AGC logo in the body of your ad will save your 50%. Contact: Grace McCoskey, Albuquerque Business First at 505-348-8312                                                                       

DO YOUR EMPLOYEES KNOW? Your AGC membership provides your firm with the ability to allow as many staff members as you would like to participate and benefit from our numerous offerings.  Your involvement and that of your staff can be based on your interests and company needs.

Contact: Kelly Roepke-Orth, Chief Operations Officer at 505-842-1462 or for more information or visit the AGC logo store

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