Exciting Leadership changes at AGC New Mexico

July 1, Vicki Mora and Mike Puelle transitioned into new leadership roles. 

Vicki has taken the helm at the New Mexico Building Education Foundation (NMBEF) to focus on workforce development strategy full-time. And Mike has moved into the chapter CEO position for AGC New Mexico.

Vicki served the AGC New Mexico chapter in a variety of roles since 1976, especially as CEO since 1996. Her experience and track record shaping AGC New Mexico’s market-driven services, combined with her earlier role as the chapter’s education programs director, provides AGC New Mexico members the best opportunity to re-direct and transform career-readiness strategies that meet both employer needs and worker opportunities.
I can’t wait to turn my full-time focus to skill development and craft training strategies that pay well for workers and help our members maintain the highest quality. The partnerships and data required to accomplish these mutual goals are so different today than when I first began working in this field. Over my career, I’ve had a front seat to the evolution of workforce development programs. And right now, we see that AGC’s organization and offerings need to evolve just as fundamentally, and remain even more flexible, to meet our member companies’ workforce development priorities.” 
Mike Puelle joined AGC New Mexico as Government Affairs Director in 2010, after twenty years in public policy, communications, and lobbying. His priority will remain the expansion of AGC New Mexico’s trade association membership and its impact in both the private market and in the public sector.
Every step along my career I’ve worked to connect the right players to the right audiences with the right messages. That kind of work is never finished. But when forward motion is sustained, networks get stronger and objectives get accomplished. How much more fortunate could I be than to work for people in the business of coordinating and building large, complicated projects that deliver value?”
With renewed focus and full-time leadership, the New Mexico Business Education Foundation (NMBEF) is already forging innovative partnerships to better understand career-readiness gaps and identify the necessary strategies and programs to address them. NMBEF’s full-time mission will be to keep the approaches to these dynamic needs fresh, relevant, and responsive to both employers and employees. No small task. But critical to the economic development and employment prospects for our state and for our local communities.
According to Vicki,
This is not about our vision for what workforce development should be. This is about what our communities, our employers, and our workers tell us they need to land opportunities, to secure a good living, and to get ahead.”
Mike adds,
And that sums up why our trade association has always been there for any of the services we provide members. Whether it’s industry information to remain competitive and compliant, or cost savings through economies of scale to remain profitable, or government affairs advocacy to remain in the policy game. We do our best to deliver on what our members tell us their companies need. And that is a priority that will never change around here.”
Stay tuned as we provide ongoing updates about our transitioning organization and transforming service offerings. And never hesitate to contact our office with any questions or comments at all. We all very much appreciate your membership and your participation.

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