Earn Your CM-BIM!

Unit 1: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling, 2nd Edition - 11/2/15 Designed as the first step for any company looking to understand the role of BIM in our industry and develop its own BIM Champion, Unit 1 provides a comprehensive understanding of BIM terminology while introducing important concepts that are necessary to understand how BIM is changing the construction process. The course culminates with participants developing a Company BIM Assessment to back to their organizations to begin implementing BIM project- and corporate-wide. REGISTER NOW 

Unit 2: BIM Technology, 2nd Edition - 11/23/15 Throughout this second course, tools are introduced as they relate to the functions they perform, as well as particular phases in a project where they have the strongest capabilities. Tools are examined by how they fit the process and needs of the user(s). We explain a four-step process of software selection that participants can use as they start the BIM software-purchasing process. The course concludes by examining file formats before participants develop a sample BIM Execution Plan that will help guide their company implementation process. REGISTER NOW

Unit 3: BIM Contract Negotiation and Risk Allocation, 1st Edition - 11/3/15 The course begins by explaining how to articulate roles and responsibilities for BIM use on a project using contractual BIM addendums. Participants learn definitions of common intellectual property terms; review types of insurance coverage that protect against certain risks related to BIM use; explore specialty insurances, and examine surety bonding issues that result from the BIM process. REGISTER NOW 

Unit 4: BIM Process, Adoption, and Integration, 1st Edition - 11/24/15 The course describes how to establish and execute the BIM process, facilitate its adoption, and achieve integration on a single project and on multiple projects simultaneously. Participants will review several real-world case studies to analyze the costs, benefits and impacts of each decision made while experiencing how BIM breaks down the isolation found in organizational silos. While it may appear at times that BIM is a technology-led movement, the reality – and AGC’s BIM EP - speaks to a results-driven shift with real change happening within the construction industry. REGISTER NOW 

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  • Non-Members - $525
  • WIOA (Members Only) - $162.50
  • Books at - $50

Special Discount available if you register for all 4 classes - contact Mike Rife for details

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