Building A New Way to Learn - ACE Leadership High

From left, Andrew Werth and Tori Shauger of ACE Leadership High School and Bernalillo County Kris W. Johnson talk at a meeting.
What does an industry do when it is running out of workers and the traditional school system isn’t teaching students the skills they need to actually do the jobs that are out there?
If you’re the Associated General Contractors of New Mexico, you basically start your own high school and design it so the kids who graduate can walk right into a job.
And you design it in a way that is radically different from the top-down, command-and-control models that traditional schools are built on. You design it so industry leaders and experts help develop the curriculum, are constantly involved in training teachers and evaluating students’ work. And you design it so that the classes are project-based, meaning based on things that have actually been built, and students never have to ask “Why am I learning this?”
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