AGC Welcomes E&M - New Publisher of The Builder + Member Directory in 2012

Thank you for your continued support for AGC and its quarterly magazine The Builder.  We greatly appreciate our loyal readers and committed advertisers over the years.  While many chapters ceased publishing such newsletters after the economic downturn, AGC New Mexico has proudly continued publishing The Builder as an important source of information for our Members and the industry in our state.  And we are excited to report we have entered into a new partnership with E&M Consulting to publish The Builder and a new AGC Membership Directory starting in 2012.

When you are contacted by E&M, please know this is a trusted partner of AGC New Mexico.  Thanks to this new publisher we will be able to keep designing, printing and mailing The Builder - and add the new yearly Membership Directory - at no cost to AGC or our Members.  Both of these publications will be available free of charge to Members.  Those that wish to place a paid advertisement in either publication will enter into an agreement with E&M – with rates for The Builder remaining at the same level for Members.

We hope current and potential advertisers will consider the strong visibility and marketing benefits presented by advertising with E&M in these two AGC publications.  We also welcome editorial submissions from Members for each issue – such as news items, press releases, announcements, etc. - which we place for free.  Ads and articles in The Builder and the new Membership Directory will continue to be viewed by a loyal audience comprised of all chapter members, NM state legislators, and other leaders and decision-makers in the construction profession and business community. 

A benefit added for all advertisers this year will continue next year as well – a listing on our website with a link to your website.  This additional listing on our new and improved website provides even greater value for your advertising dollars. 

Once again thank you for your continued support.  We are excited to welcome E&M into our family of partners that help us increase efficiencies so that we can continue to work hard to improve your bottom line.


Vicki Mora

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