AGC NM Member Companies Received National Accolades for Safety Excellence in 2013

Congratulations to AGC NM member companies for achieving safety excellence in 2013.  

20 member companies have achieved the highest level (Blue) of the CHASE OSHA NM partnership program.  This cooperative NM OSHA partnership offers incentives to those AGC members who qualify, in exchange for following prescribed standards in their safety programs and maintaining low incidence rates.

These 20 AGC NM CHASE members represent the largest number of companies in an OSHA NM partnership program, and the only CHASE OSHA program in the U.S.  

Letter & Certificate - 3rd Place NASA Program

Interested in participating in the CHASE program?  Download the CHASE program document and application here.  Members are invited to apply for Red, White or Blue level. Download the CHASE Partnership levels here.

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