AGC Mourns the Loss of a "Legend", Robert J. Stamm

Robert J. Stamm influenced and guided many AGC principles and decisions; we earned a good name due to his leadership and vision for our profession.  We ache for our industry’s loss and celebrate an extraordinary man.

Robert J. Stamm
1922 - 2014

Construction Industry Leader. Philanthropist. Community Volunteer. These words best describe the role Bob Stamm played in our community and in his leadership role at Bradbury Stamm. We will continue to respect, honor and follow the legacy he established over his 68 years with Bradbury Stamm.

Robert Stamm passed away on Sunday, December 14, 2014. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, January 8th at 3pm for those who wish to attend. More information will follow.

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Looking rather dashing on UNM's first Ski Team. Bob received a degree in Civil Engineering.

Bob served as a Naval Officer during World War II before joining O.G. Bradbury, Contractor in 1946. He served in a variety of roles from layout engineer, assistant job superintendent, estimator and project manager. O.G. Bradbury was Bob's Father-in-Law.

Bob quickly became known as a mover and shaker in the construction industry. Bob Stamm and his wife of 63 years Florie Stamm (daughter of O.G. Bradbury) at an AGC Banquet (3rd and 4th from left). As Bob said, "be selective on who you date in high school. You might be lucky like I was and marry your high school sweetheart for a long, fulfilling marriage and career".

In 1958, Bob Stamm became a partner and the company incorporated, changing its name to Bradbury & Stamm Construction Company, Inc.

While O.G. Bradbury had a conservative approach to business, Stamm was known for his innovative thinking which helped propel both the company and the industry forward.

Bob and O.G. Bradbury at a Groundbreaking Celebration (far left).

In 1979, Bob and Jim King worked out a succession plan for the company. As they say, Bradbury & Stamm was still considered a family business - the definition of family had just been enlarged.

This plan allowed Bob to pursue the numerous volunteer projects he desired. Bob's dedication to serving our community can never be questioned. As he was known to say, if you take care of your community, your community will take care of you.

Bob was also able to take some time off. The pictures above show O.G. Bradbury at age 91 and Bob in Kenya.

Bob with Cynthia Schultz at the Metro Courthouse site.

After the loss of his wife of 63 years Florie Stamm, Bob was fortunate to marry Mary Herring.

Bob always loved to visit the job sites and check in on our teams. Shown above with Superintendent David Burks.

Bob maintained his reputation as a mover and shaker throughout his life.

Bob at his 87th Birthday party. The cake is shaped like the UNM Centennial Engineering Center. The commons are named in honor of Bob.

In 2009, Bob received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree for his extraordinary contributions to the university, the State of New Mexico, and the construction profession. "Mr. Stamm's 6O-plus year career in the New Mexico construction profession has demonstrated that not only is he a builder in the literal sense but also in the ideal sense, as evidenced by his many contributions to numerous professional and philanthropic activities."

Bob at his 90th Birthday Celebration.

On May 6, 2013, Bob was recognized for his many accomplishments and contributions to New Mexico.

Three generations of management. With Cynthia Schultz and Jim King at our 10th Decade Kick Off Party.

Bob with possibly the fifth generation of Bradbury Stamm, Rebecca Schultz.

"Many fine honors have been bestowed upon this fine leader of our community, because you cannot help but feel the magnitude of his commitment to our state." A fitting statement made when Bob received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Governor's 38th New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards.

"I've enjoyed my 68 years with the firm. I like construction people, the process and certainly the finished product. I hope young people learn that good people are the secret to success. Hard work is essential but can be overdone and the team concept is mandatory for every business but more so in construction where everyone is involved in the final product."


Robert J. Stamm



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