AGC Action Reduced NM Contractors' Tax Burden

                                       November 2012 

AGC Action Reduced NM Contractors’ Tax Burden, Influenced Strategic Workforce Development and Created Infrastructure Strategies for Our Members in 2012

Dear AGC Members,

You have trimmed budgets, reduced overhead spending and “right-sized” to much leaner versions of your former selves during this past year. Companies also put workforce education on hold while they tried to survive the economy.  Your AGC Board, committees, councils and staff are focusing on continuing to reduce your costs today and preparing for your future.   Specifically, AGC is working with business groups and educational institutions to grow construction markets and prepare for an unprecedented future workforce demand.   

You can be proud that AGC and its Members were at the forefront of gross receipts tax pyramiding relief, the only tax reform signed into law by Gov. Martinez in 2012. This important tax change will impact your bottom line.  

We are proud to represent the best of our state’s commercial construction industry with Members like you and to work on your behalf to benefit your business.  I hope you will agree with AGC Board President Larry Franken in his statement below that your AGC dues receive a great return on investment.  We want to remain a vital partner in your success.     

“AGC is already more focused on objectives that shape the market to increase work opportunities for all ages.  These include economic development, financing, project delivery and procurement reform initiatives.” (Excerpt from President’s Message Summer 2012 issue of The Builder)

In 2012, we worked for you year-round across many fronts, including reducing regulatory burdens, shaping industry trends and expanding markets.  Like that of its members, AGC’s business is one of relevancy and relationships.  Workforce development in New Mexico requires the alignment of goals struck by educators and the business sector.  AGC’s proactive approach to the needs of its members has resulted in the creation and implementation of innovative strategies and programs that foster economic growth for the entire state. These comprehensive, collaborative efforts are instrumental in positively shaping workforce development initiatives statewide and will matter in responding to your future workforce development needs.  We confidently move into 2013 improving and growing the acclaimed AGC programs our Members value most.  AGC continues to save Member companies thousands of dollars in subscription, education and professional development costs

During 2012, AGC was recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals—NM Chapter for having gone above and beyond in philanthropic service to the community for its unprecedented commitment to develop the next generation of leaders through AGC’s workforce development agenda, including ACE Leadership High School.   In addition, in August I had the honor of accepting on your behalf the 2012 U.S. Department of Labor 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship Trailblazer and Innovator Designate for unique and exemplary programs, partnership and strategies, such as AGC’s Multi-Trade Apprenticeship Program. The recognition was given by Hilda L. Solis, U.S. Department of Labor Secretary in Washington, D.C.  

Throughout 2013 and beyond, AGC will continue its dedication to you – our valued Members – by listening and responding to your needs through persistent and targeted action.

I hope you will renew your membership with AGC so that we can continue our mission to make a significant and positive impact on your business.  Thank you, Vicki Mora, CEO

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